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It has become very difficult to portray all pastors on a one way lane, as was traditionally seen. Because the high rate of infiltration practiced spare no room for a smooth classification. But before going into the unmasking of untrue pastors; we should have a recall that the art of being a pastor is all about a calling, devotee servant, a God fearing person, reconciliatory fellow, a philanthropist, a hard worker, a prayer warrior, a just leader, simple, chaste, humanist and modest. Who has taken appropriate time to learn theology and had had a broad knowledge of what leading the people of God is all about. Since, this is not an ordinary task and must be accompanied by the favor of God and his holy spirit to his rostrum.

Factors that must be taken into account when trying to understand a pastor`s spiritual stability Before Becoming A Pastor

1) His background.

2) His genealogy tree if possible.

3) His region of origin.

4) His childhood.

5) His friends.

6) His fantasies.

7) His sexuality tags (pervert, pedophile etc.)

8) His formal position in the society.

9) His debts and debtors.

10) His formal jobs and reasons for quitting or sackings

11) His mysteries or hidden motives

12) And lastly his kind of enemies



After Becoming A Pastor

1) His love for money.

2) His dogma(money and societal division preaching’s).

3) His nepotism tendencies.

4) His love for nocturnal activities.

5) His way of treating his wife, kids and servants.

6) His way of treating his staff.

7) His love for fasting, prayers and how often in the real sense.

8) His love for fashion and trademarks.

9) His love for luxury and assets.

10) His payment plan.

11) His massive projects and how he goes about it.

12) His treatment for the-have and the-have -not Christians.

13) How he connects God and the people.

14) His auto-cephalic tendencies.

15) The attitude of his elders and how they run prayers and persuasion.

16) His kind of mentors and their reputation if there`s any.

When we go deep into all these aspects of a so-called man of God, surely there would be things to keep the eye-brows shaking. For what is real speaks for itself. And if this person isn`t backed up by the holy spirit, God would automatically reveal the wolf in the sheep`s clothing. It`s very much advisable to always examine a church before putting your feet there; it`s not enough for a pastor to be a miracle Al Capone, for the church to be a true Born Again shrine.

Most of these people are devil worshippers and they drag you along with them in their tiny magical tricks that keeps the seers marvel and outburst with wonders. There`s no true miracle like the word of God properly put to actions; when you shape your nature and your lifestyle by the will and ways of God, sure, miracles will always be on the rendezvous. As succeeding to practice it well, it`s itself a miracle. If you doubt it, try it.

Some key words associated with behavioral attitude of 419ers in witchcraft practices  

 Extract from future publication of DEEP WITCHCRAFT IN THE 419 FRAUD 
a. Black Mass: This is the inverting of all that goes with the holy mass. A pure mockery of Christ, calling Satan with all saturations requested. Mostly practiced by 419ers at the state level occult groups. Most rituals are done on Saturdays.


b. Juju: It is anything supernatural; it can be a charm, a ring of any fetish order. Permitting to influence nature. Very much common in West African culture.

c. Mallams: Muslim witchdoctors, they are specialized in high occult charms, well concocted with Koran verses. They are the lords of Layas fabrications and gri-gris. They also deal with demons called Jinns.

d. Magic: Also known as juju. It is the ability to influence to all stages. 419ers use this name to express their dominance over others.

e. Conjuration: The edge to make appear, by mystical means. The conmen use this, to make appear the spirit, of their victim where need be, that`s during browsing or phone calls.

f. Sika Duru: Simply means "blood money", amongst the Akan. A tribe in the Ghanaian nation. It is used, to refer to the occult activities of the Sakawa boys that particularly deal with rituals of human sacrifices. Who parade the towns, in odds hours with coffins on their heads, all in a bit, to have the necessary force, to successfully scam foreigners via internet.

g. Possession: This is the force to take over one's mind, emotions and actions by demoniac entering, into the person`s body. Typically, these all what, 419 fraud witchery is about. The ability to governance and screwing.

h. Rites: These are the ceremonies, that conmen and witchdoctors do, during and after initiation. That invokes the spirits, and the request needed, to enhance, easy advance fee fraud or the other, which will lead to amazing of dollars.

i. Sakawa Cult: Is predominately rumored, to be the practice of young Ghanaian guys, ranged from adolescent to adults of late thirties. Ethnography, that demarks, a pure Ghanaian culture, a way for them, to make a difference of them and non-Sakawa. With pride, defrauding foreigners through internet, by turning their brains upside down.

j. Yahoo Plus: Are groups of cybercrime perpetrators, from Nigeria origin, that does scamming, with the use of mild magic. That`s with charms, magical rings to con everyone particularly foreigners.

k. Yahoo Plus Plus: Unlike the Yahoo Plus guys, these ones make themselves different from their appellations with another "Plus", because there are internet fraudsters, that do pure human sacrifice, to possess the mind of their foreign victims. They practice the highest level of magic in the con industry and by merit, make a difference between "them and us"

l. Shrine: This is the presume headquarters, where the wizards and 419ers go do their renewals rituals and invocations. In the night, the place is always illuminated with kindles, of all colors particularly the red color. Not forgetting statues and loincloths of health affecting odor.

m. Divination: The act of searching connaissance (knowledge) by occult means. The curiosity of the African conmen for more money and ease, explains these in full letters. That is why; they will pay anything to view the spiritual screens of the witchdoctors, to monitor the prey in his own utmost privacies.

n. Idolatry: Africa by culture is an idol worshiping region, before the coming of colonial nations. Most, even though, to the make believe that, they are already fervent born again, still go behind, to see their pagan Gods for due help. Other even bear names that carry the emblems of these pagan Gods. Most of these fraudsters only go back to them.

o. Layas: A pure Muslim originated magic. Mallams are the brain behind, these juju manipulations. They use mostly perfumes, Koran verses (though forbidden by Allah) and other herbal stuffs, to fabricate the charms. They have the best charms and love portions, in the society. Layas are very successful in all endeavors, that`s why, it is believe that, Sakawa cult started, through the use of their occult intelligence.

p. Voodoo: In one space, this is sorcery, and spirit possession. 419ers use this theory through statues, having wrapped having the preys name or anything related to the person to control and possess their minds. They can also use chameleon, lizard, and rat; just name it, to practice the voodoo ritual on the foreign victim. And 65% of those victims, in these forms of betrayal, always get physical and spiritual, after effect, which needs only divine healing and intervention.

q. Mougou: The mockery name, given to a foreign victim or prey. It has many forms, and are invented daily, as time unfolds, pending too, on the regions, scammers operate. Samples are YEYE, MBOUT, BEEF, WAIIYOO, and PAAPE, just to name some few.

r. Marine Spirit: This is a demon, from the water. They are under, the most powerful demons, in existence. 419ers under high deals are often taken to river sides, oceans, sea to do highly placed rituals, so that Mamie water spirits can intervene.

Because most have kingdoms run by powerful kings and queens, with high propagating demonic force. They have children scattered round the world, under high and top secret destruction missions. Their main weapon often is LUST.


Jules Fonba



Forever indebted to you, father

Thank you father
As I say these to thee
For building the seeless me, too
Come to see to this surface
Flopping to the elevation of beings
Carving me swallow air
Like all living things do
To the borderline of existence recruit
To the platform of ajamais noticeable

Thank you father
As I say these to thee
To fusion with mom
Make me cometh true
To a nutshell of life
Accepting compatibility to healthier
Child, your flesh, your blood
Father, oh papa of mine
Of what idea tickle God
Make you be vital and phenomenal

Thank you father
As I say these to thee
For being the pivot
God spelled through
Make my way to this life
Raison d’être, best know him why
All for a purpose for him be
Vital, essential and needy
To chant you praises inspiring
Daddy, old man ‘o mine

Thank you father
As I say these to thee
As you too, like mother
Mastered me in wants
In my crying talk of a child
As of all be it my form
Roaming to solution so fast
Bid marvellous proximity
Like a loyal knight
To a fit of the round table story

Thank you father
As I say these to thee
For, you did not idea out
That, that me be deselected
From early, to trash
To where poor, unlucky unborn
Soul perish in innocence
Instead, you and mother
Held me divine, blissful
As a special donation

Thank you father
As I say these to thee
For doubling your strength
Of work, as me came to light
For being the first bread winner in all effort
Working harder for my blithe
To a brighter future
Letting go things that might
Jeopardise you life
But in light of parental amor

Thank you father
As I say these to thee
For being the priceless heritage
Of many hundreds of millions
Of courageous words
When I did lost hope
In parleys of facile, potent
And versatile denomination
And of great men apex
Our linage be and has always been

Thank you father
As I say these to thee
You so incisive, enduring
Unforgettable, compendia
Of life’s knowledge
Blessed with phrases with
Most telling effect
In a hallmark of monumental
Yes daddy
You, the commanding cadence of the
The father to child sonorous
Rebounding with heavy credit

Thank you father
As I say these to thee
Of your arduous discipline
To keep to life
Till grow I to meet you fit
Charming a worldwide circle
Of interest and remerciement
From your child, pére
As many globe wide chanced not
Masticate this advantage to finger lick point

Thank you father
As I say these to thee
For throwing my weight about
Serving too, was in your heart
In such ability working magic
With paternal gem strongly alive
In enlarged essential desideratum
As my life too, was in your hands
And you cherished it
With salvation
Feeling in, I was the puny
Angel of God entrusted to you

Thank you father
As I say these to thee
Papa, dad, father
Thou art a “fait accompli”
That has set me on and on
A valuable first step
Which has seclosely let me
On a triumphant route
All this while through
Increasing my prospects of
Achieving non-stop
Success in life, yes daddy
Reaching the very pinnacles
In diligent seeks


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